Zoo Nights at ZSL London Zoo

To celebrate the launch of the new Oasis Zoo Collection in collaboration with ZSL London Zoo I was invited to experience one of the ZSL Zoo Nights events.

I’ve always been a huge animal lover and have lots of happy memories visiting various zoos around the world.


The Zoological Society of London have recently been opening its doors at night, an adult only event where guests can visit after hours and see the zoo in a whole new light.

Zoo Nights Highlights

“Zoo Nights is just for adults, so you’re free to explore the wildlife after hours, taking in fun tours and talks with grown-up themes: mating, death and the gruesome bits – it’s zoology, certificate 18!”


Walking around the zoo, I was greeted by stilt walkers in fancy dress, a whole host of amazing looking street food vendors, music, a carousel, acrobats and generally just people having a good time.

Street Food

The atmosphere was different to a normal day at the zoo, it felt like a carnival and everyone seemed to be in great spirits – maybe it was the alcohol…?! Either way, it was a lovely evening with a fantastic vibe.


The highlight of my night was when I went into the Rainforest Animals area and suddenly came across a sloth having a nap in one of the branches directly above where everyone was walking.

Marilyn the sloth!

I love sloths. I have a giant cuddly toy sloth called Neil who sits on my sofa. I am always desperate to try and see the sloths whenever I go to a zoo. They are usually in the pitch black bit with the other nocturnal animals, and it’s very rare that you’ll actually get to see one. I could see her as clear as day, her name was Marilyn, and I fell in love. I felt so lucky to have been so close to one! Everyone else there seemed to be mesmerised too.


As well as visiting the animals there’s a whole other host of things to do such as testing your knowledge in the Zooniversity Challenge and become an eco-detective in an interactive, forensic trail that shines a light on the illegal wildlife trade.

Unfortunately the Zoo Nights at ZSL London Zoo are fully sold out for 2017, but I would highly recommend going to this unique event if you ever get chance!


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