Primark Pink Faux Suede Jacket

I’ve always claimed I’m not a pink fan, however I can’t deny that it suits my ultra-pale skin-tone.

I had seen a couple of people wearing faux suede jackets and thought they looked lovely. One day I was shopping in Primark and I noticed they had them in grey, green, blue and pink. The pink one just caught my eye for some reason, so I decided to get it.

Jacket: Primark / Top: Primark / Culottes: New Look / Shoes: Clarks

This short, biker suedette jacket feels lovely and keeps me warm in this transitional period while the weather is getting colder but it’s not quite cold enough for a winter coat yet.

Jacket: Primark / Top: Primark / Skirt: New Look / Shoes: Primark

I paid £25 for this jacket which I think is a real bargain, considering the fact that I have seen them in other shops – often for twice the price or more!

Jacket: Primark / Dress: Primark / Leggings: Primark / Shoes: Primark (everything Primark!)

I wanted to show a few of the ways that I have been wearing it. I have basically been wearing it non-stop unless it’s raining as the material feels so nice I’m terrified of getting it wet!

Jacket: Primark / Dress: Primark / Leggings: Primark / Shoes: Hotter

Looking through this post I can see I seem to stick within the same colour palette most of the time! I think I need to be more bold and step away from wearing it with black and similar pinky tones!

Jacket: Primark / Dress: Zara / Tights: M&S / Boots: Hotter

Which is your favourite outfit? How have you been styling your faux suede jackets?



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