Vegan Italian Food at Fed By Water, Dalston

A couple of weeks ago I finally got round to visiting Fed By Water in Dalston, London. As someone who is consciously trying to reduce their meat & dairy intake (I guess you could call me a flexitarian but I don’t really like to label myself) I’m always keen to try all of the vegan & vegetarian food London has to offer.

I personally feel like London is one of the best places to consume a vegetarian/vegan diet as there are SO many places that offer amazing plant-based food. Fed By Water is located in Dalston in East London and offers delicious vegan produce created using pure water as the base ingredient.

I was super excited to try Fed By Water as I had heard lots about it. We arrived at 4pm on a Friday afternoon and the restaurant was empty, however by the time we left it was completely full and they were turning people away. I would recommend booking a table to avoid disappointment!


“Our bodies need pure water to function properly; this is the very essence of our health and the basis of a strong body and mind. By removing all the impurities found in tap water like limescale, chlorine, bacteria and other nasties, we will make our food taste better and you feel better.”


We were asked if we would like still or sparkling water to accompany our meal, and we replied “just tap water would be fine” (this is my usual cheapskate response – who can afford to buy bottled water in a restaurant?) and were pleasantly surprised when the waitress told us that they offer complimentary filtered still and/or sparkling water to everyone as it’s part of who they are (hence the name).


We couldn’t decide whether we wanted pizza or pasta, so decided to get both & share. We ordered the Tagliatelle Di Terra – Durum wheat tagliatelle pasta cooked with porcini mushroom sauce topped with shiitake mushrooms and a touch of Italian truffle extra virgin olive oil, along with the Invernale Pizza – Caramelised onion, homemade cashew “mozzarellina” cheese, diced sage butternut squash, kale and Italian extra virgin olive oil.


The pizza was really unusual, I have become really fond of the no tomato/white base pizzas recently. Everything tasted super caramelised like the vegetables had been roasted in the oven, and the “mozzarellina” was delicious, I think even the biggest cheese fans would enjoy it.


Now, for the best bit. This might be a bit of a bold statement, but the mushroom tagliatelle was THE best pasta I have ever had, and I can tell you I have eaten a LOT of pasta in my time. I couldn’t get enough of it, every mouthful was like creamy, buttery, truffley pure heaven. I am a big fan of creamy, mushroomy pasta dishes and this one just topped the scale for me. The truffle oil worked SO well with the creamy mushroom sauce – vegan or non-vegan, this is hands down the most delicious pasta I have ever eaten.


I thought the pizza was lovely, but the pasta just totally blew me away. The service was fantastic, all of the waiting staff were pleasant but not all over us. I can’t wait to head back to Fed by Water to basically try their entire menu.

The prices are a little higher than your average Italian restaurant, mains ranging from around £8.90-£16.90, however I feel that for the taste of the food it’s worth it, not to mention the health & environmental benefits vegan food has.

Fed By Water
Unit 1b Dalston Cross Shopping Centre
64 Kingsland High Street
EX 2LX London, United Kingdom

Fed By Water are open 12pm-11pm daily

Nearest Tube: Dalston Kingsland



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